Exceptional Thinking Forum
At Canaan Ridge, we have built professional development programs around the specific knowledge needed for search consultants to take their practice to the next level - both in today's economy and beyond.

And, we know that exceptional search consultants like you, already possess a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to make a practice thrive.

To capture and share some of that knowledge and expertise, we have begun a regular forum, called the "Exceptional Thinking Forum." Regularly, we will send search consultants an e-mail with a question related to executive search.

We will review all responses received and select the one(s) we believe offer the most exceptional thinking on the subject.

Consultants who submit the selected response(s) will receive a $100 American Express gift card and will have the distinction of seeing his or her name and response posted on our web site and in the subsequent "Exceptional Thinking" e-mail.

Additionally, we will post other responses on our site that we believe will be beneficial to the search community.

We hope you will find this to be a stimulating and fun opportunity to trade new ideas and share knowledge among your search colleagues.
Exceptional Thinking Question of the Month

“In today‚Äôs business climate, what characteristics do you see as critical to success for retained search consultants, and why?”

Click here to submit your response.

Exceptional Thinking Past Questions and Responses

July 2010
“What new challenges have you faced when trying to convince your candidates to accept a position, and how have you dealt with them?”

April 2010
“Is it important to solicit constituent (clients, candidates, placements and colleagues) feedback? Yes or no - and why?”

December 2009
“What is the most important factor in building client trust and how have you achieved it?”

November 2009
“What new skills will exceptional search consultants most need to succeed over the next two years?”

October 2009
“What is the most significant change in client expectations over the past two years?”
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